Thursday, February 4, 2010

Nesting Nick Nacks

Op shopping of late has been nesting-focussed; less clothes, more of what I like to think of as "items of colour or convenience that add something special to our home"...or...

..."more crap*" - as Haki calls it.

*If this is being read by one of our children years from now, "No, you should not use that word; Dad was being naughty."

Favourite finds from the past few weeks:
  • free single bed headboards (to be re-purposed, with love);
  • four vases (ranging in price from one dollar to a few), including the blu-ey pictured here;
  • ...why, it's right above the childrens' bench I picked up for 5 buckerrrrr. (She can't use that as a step-stool...yet.)
  • This 20c windchime:

  • ...and a 3-dollar chair to spruce up at a later date.
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