Monday, February 8, 2010

The Return of the Jedi-poster

Miss me?

Oh, that's right, I set posts to publish in my absence. /snicker

But now I'm back!

We were up at the temple, is where! Thanks for asking! For the non-Mormons in the mix, that's up in Hamilton. For the internationals...well, it's about 18 hours drive and a 3-hour ferry crossing from where we live. But we flew. In planes, not on Ikran, unfortunately.

Highlight: It was pretty hot in those parts. And there were a lot of flies. Thus Esky was elevated to princess status (in someone's eyes other than ours) and granted a perrrrty net to keep the peskies away.

Other Highlights:
  • Staying with an amazing woman, who is raising her four children in the most honourable and devoted way. They're stellar kids, even if the girl cheats at Pictureka and the youngest cheats at Snap! Scrabble. They adored Esky, and really treated her with care, it was so sweet to see.
  • Esky crawling. At the amazing woman's house. While we were in the temple. It's okay, she's done it plenty since. (She's eight and half months old.)
  • Catching up with one of Haki's old house-buddies from his mission in the Philippines, along with the dudey's family. It's nice to see Haki with his mission nostalgia glow on. Plus, what a great family!
  • As always, seeing familiar faces in the temple and Temple View.
  • Attending the temple sealing of Scotty (our boarder of last year) and Deanna - which was a sweet, sweet thing to behold. Seeing them dance by fairy lights at Scotty's country home was another highlight.
  • Smiling at the sight of Haki, rocking Esky to sleep in the moonlight - standing by the fence-line on the fringe of the reception party. The moonlight was all that fell on them both, and his smile as he gave the speakers on the deck his attention, whilst cradling his daughter...simply beautiful.
  • Meeting yet another one of Haki's alter-egos on the drive back from Scott and Deanna's wedding reception; "Tomithy" - a man from the UK with 14 sons...that is, 14 boys he pays "a dollar a day" to support overseas.
  • When Haki realised we still had an adult passenger in the backseat for his entire charade.
  • Looking into my husband's eyes inside the temple and feeling most certain that I have married the most wonderful man alive.
  • Stopping by my brother's place to snatch some hugs from him and his family.
  • Although Haki wouldn't call it one - observing Esky's first unsolicited a disembarking passenger on our return flight...whom we'd never met.
  • Returning to at least three varieties of flower blooming in our Lighthouse garden that were merely buds when we left.
  • It was pretty hot in those parts...and the heat and humidity did nothing for my throbbing head. That's right, apparently I got what Esky had...or something worse. For the whole week.
  • Seeing the amazing woman repeatedly blowing her nose the final morning, as we departed. My parting gift of cruelty. /hanging head
I'm still achey and migrainey...but tomorrow's the one-week mark - surely, this thing is near its end?
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