Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Sock-popping Sequel

Not long ago, I revealed my husband's deep, undying infeetuation for Esky's little steppers.

His sock-popping addiction, and the persistence of the pop, have resulted in the manifestation of two other phenomena in our home;

1. The Pop of Desperation

Esky is going through an attachment phase - wherein she still adores others and their company, but prefers to have me in sight at all times. Because The Lighthouse lacks open planning, and because Haki does so enjoy his evening lax-out in the living room, Esky is often reluctant to stay put in her father's arms while I make dinner. As a result, she commences crying, which I can hear from the kitchen, where I chop and stir and remind myself it is better she cry in safety than giggle underfoot whilst I (the clumsy one) carry hot things.

Enter what I fondly refer to as, "The Pop of Desperation." You see, a normal pop is a spontaneous, unprompted gag for laughs. But when Esky can be overhead fussing, the over-eager "Pop!" omitted from the same room is of an entirely different variety. It is my husband calling upon the power of the pop because it's what he knows. It's a straw-grasping effort to steer the babe back into the fun zone.

And it works. For about three seconds. The man has been known to pop both socks (read: 6 seconds fussing reprieve), and replace them so that he may repeat the process (making a grand total of 12 seconds fuss-free).

2. The Copy-pop

This morning there appeared another evolutionary product of Haki's sock-popping ways.

Whilst I was working away on a web design with the babe at my feet, Esky set about her little imitation task, then crawled closer, pulled herself to her knees, and presented her trophy; waving.

She was mighty chuffed with herself.

And that folks, is what shall henceforth be referred to as "The Copy-pop."

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