Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Advertising: Fail

When you close a toilet stall at Hoyts, we ladies are met by framed advertisements "while we wait." So what if they're in a lavatory? Frames mean class.

And maybe they're onto something - I mean, they've got us sitting still, right? (I'd hope so.) And we all know that bathroom stalls were well-read in high school. Why not communicate a message while you've got our attention? Right?

Here's one of their framed advertisements:

Can't read the small print? Let me help;

More help? "You are the 1276th person to see and read this - this week!"

The message I think they're trying to send:
"Advertise here! It's so mod', and clever! Plus, so much exposure - so many people will see your product/service!"

The message I'm getting:
"A heck-of-a-lot of bums have been where your bum is - this week!"

Some things are better left unquantified.

That's a "pass" on the "advertise here," thanks.

P.S. You can see my reflection in the photos. And they were taken in a toilet stall. Yes, Fionna, my pants were up. Also, I found that I've commented on this advertising before...more than a year ago. Now that's a lot of bums since I read it the first time!
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