Wednesday, March 31, 2010

An Afternoon with Me, Three Kids, and a Baby

I'm tryin' something new on for size these days; instead of designing websites from home (to "help out" with the family's finances), I'm hangin' with some fantastic kids after school, with Esky present. I'm hoping it will benefit both families...and be better for Esky (website design does little for her, let's be honest).

The Kids (all of whom you've met in past posts, over time):
Puddleduck, Roo and Moo

Day 1 we survived, without injury or harm:
  • The ride home - complete with "yellow car punches" (is this what the young'uns these days are forced to play - with "slugbugs" being so rare?)
  • Snack-distribution (including attempts to convince me "sometimes foods" were "everyday foods")
  • Homework completion (including taking parts in a play)
  • Folded Silly-people Drawings (although Puddleduck was very "passionate" about Roo drawing things in the correct place)
  • Trampoline trick demonstrations
  • A Mini-foosball Match (with accusations of cheating)
  • Code Name Assignments (I am "Snake Doctor")
  • The outlining of the "Rules and Routines"
  • A game of "What's different?" (where each takes turns marching in and out of the room wearing an array of items, changing something before each return)
  • A round of singing (with all three attempting to sing over each other) and
  • Constant rough-housing (between the two boys).
But whilst talking to the parents of the three children (once home)...

Not survived without injury or harm:
  • Tag.
That's right. We got through the play-punching, faux-fighting and showing off just fine. But tag? No.
Glass door pane meets running child. Result = A cut above Puddleduck's eye and a gash under her arm.

I couldn't help but wonder, what if that had happened before the parents got home? How does one even begin explain that?

Before I could get carried away in despondent daydreaming, Roo called me back to the present; "If her eye falls out, I get to keep it." And that, my friends, is one of the many reasons why these three are too good company to refuse.
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