Monday, March 22, 2010

Esky Update

10 months old.

Here she is, baby-signing "more" at breaky this morn' - still in her PJs. Golly I adore her.

Other highlights of Esky's current age:
  • I wake up to her pointing at my nose saying, "Na!" in the mornings...or my eyelid, if I'm lucky. I take this over waking to a baby monitor-filtered cry any day.
  • She dances, bops, bounces, rocks, swings, body rolls, and waves to music.
  • Watching her walk around furniture.
  • How quickly the gal can plough through a banana. Jeepers!
I still shake my head in wonder and disbelief at how fortunate we are to have her in our least 20 times every day.
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