Thursday, March 4, 2010

Followers versus Subscribers: The Verdict

Back in September of last year, I expressed my anxiety over whether I should be subscribing or following the blogs I read, or both.

I initially decided that I was stickin' with old school - that Reader was doing a fine job, why fix something that isn't broken, right? So I knew I was going to stay subscribed...the only question remaining - would I get on this newfangled "follow" bandwagon as well? I was only following a handful of blogs - namely, those that I'd seen a "Follow" button on, and happened to click in my travels. This, of course, did not happen often...given that I was using Reader (not visiting the actual pages, other than to comment). Because I didn't like the idea of following only a few, and not all of the blogs I actually support, I decided I would follow none. And so that is what I did. They got the chop. For the past 5-6 months.

But I see now that the Google folk have linked Reader and the "Follow" function now, quite nicely. And I also see that some of my dear friends that are noobs to blogging lack my "picture tile of glory" (or more accurately, support) under their "Followers" gadget heading; heart-wrenching stuff. It's not merely a matter of semantics, "following" is different. It's like a really, really cheap present (like a comment - right? A love token, if you will?). I thought it would be easy to import all of my Reader subscriptions to the dashboard, so I could now follow everyone I am subscribed to; love token it up.


The dashboard tool only imported 22 of my subscriptions...that would be less than half of the job done (/sideways glance of faux-embarrassment regarding subscription count).

So, my dear readers-that-are-also-bloggers-that-I-follow, know this:
I manually inputted (by this I mean copy-and-pasted...ahem) each of the URLs that failed to import. Because that's how committed I am.

Consider yourself followed.
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