Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Momma's in Town

Here she is playing with some of her eye goop while she talks on the phone to my dad.

I took this photo 15 minutes ago...because I realised I hadn't taken any photos this week. Momsa leaves tomorrow.

During her visit:
  • I made a batch of Boss Brownies in a dish half of the size I should have. There was serious overflow. The mixture left in the dish burned on top and was gooey in the centre (half seeped out to form burnt brownie mushrooms on the bottom of the oven). Haki, Mom and I picked at it over two days until it was polished off.
  • I decided Esky shall call my mother "Nana" and so repeated it over and over pointing at my mother.
  • I talked my mother's ears off. Mostly about attachment parenting.
  • My dishes workload was at least halved. Thank you, Momsa.
  • We watched a few movies. Mom actually lasted all of Julie & Julia.
  • Haki and I did one of our standard bits in the car, making each other laugh. My mother joined in - laughing merrily. Moments later I confirmed my suspicion - she hadn't heard what we'd said.
  • I organised the entire basement - a task I hadn't done since the move as I couldn't put Esky down anywhere safely in sight while doing so.
  • My mother went to the Dental School to get a tooth repaired.
  • She also talked me through The Lighthouse garden's features and needs.
  • My mom entered the living room, and Esky pointed at her and said, "Na-na."
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