Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Thoughts on Singing

...written when I was 6.5 years of age.

I also made a title page. I didn't include a picture of it because it looks exactly like the cover. Yes, I will include a photo of the illustration you can see peeking out from behind there;

  • On the first page I almost forgot the "t" in "something." I'd like to imagine a 6-year-old me saying it that way too - like an Irish accent.
  • I detect some notes of rejection in the second page, don't you? Also, an earnest gal.
  • Or perhaps it's just Primary music leader mimicry?
  • Are those blue suede shoes, by any chance?
  • I like the green stripe detail on the pleated skirt, sleeves and collar, although this pianist is showing an awful lot of leg.
  • I guess no one will be looking at her legs when she can make a piano levitate on its side.
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