Monday, March 29, 2010

Oo-la-la Car

I'm not a car-person. I don't get all hot and flustered when I see pistons. Or mags. Or hear an engine running.

I'm not completely oblivious, however. I can change a tyre, name a car by more than just a colour, and top up our oil.

But really, I'm not a car person.

So it is beyond me why when I saw this little number:

..I sucked in my breath, and then did my best to do the tail-end of a wolf-whistle of admiration. Then I got out my phone and snapped two photos of her. If I could do a Tim the Toolman Taylor, "Aaaaow," I think I would have.

I shook off my sudden surge of who-knows-what, and proceeded into the place at which the mighty fine Mustang and I were parked. That would be Spotlight - the home of all your scrapbooking, cross-stitch, flower-arranging, sewing, homeware, and haberdashery needs.
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