Thursday, March 25, 2010

An Open Letter to the Public of Dunedin

Dear Dunedinites,

What a lovely lot you are! Thank you for being - for the most part - a great batch of humans.

I write this letter, because a number of you stood out, of late.

You, Mr Bicycle-man, deserve special mention. When my daughter pointed at you in the Pak'n'Save carpark and eloquently expressed her thoughts ("Ek!") you were so kind as to return her greeting with an enthusiastic thumb's-up, which endured a good 20 metres of cycle-riding (risking life and limb by facing us instead of the direction you were riding). Bless you, Mr Bicycle-man.

Mr Generous, you too, are a goody. As I pulled in to pick my mama up from getting her tooth fixed, last week, you waved your Pay and Display coupon out your open window, and offered the unused time to me, just because I was in the right place.

Mrs Friendly, inside the sup' - another winner. I like it when I glance up from moving groceries from my cart to the conveyer belt to catch you pulling funny faces for my daughter, who is facing you in the trolley's seat. Thank you for the in-shop entertainment, I believe Esky liked the wide-eyes and wide-mouth combo the best.

A shout-out must also go the deli and bakery folk in the same store. It's nice that you always offer belgium meat slices and buns for free, all day, every day. Even if the former is mystery meat. Both are oddly delicious while shopping...well, that's what Esky tells me. /blush

Thank you, you lot. You really made it easier to smile-through when Mrs Hoversnot pointed the nose of her car towards the parking spot adjacent my vehicle, drumming her fingers on the steering wheel while she let the engine idle, and idle as I - with car doors open - carefully wiped Esky's nose, got her out of her carseat, and retrieved my reusable shopping bags, nappy bag and wallet from the same side - all whilst holding a trolley in check with my toe to prevent it rolling away or scratching anybody's car. I loaded all said items into the cart, and ensured I cleared out as quickly as possible. I thought of you, Mr Bicycle and Mr Generous, as I scanned the many, many available parking spots all along the row as I felt the glare of Mrs Hoversnot boring holes in my back.


A fellow-shopper
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