Friday, March 26, 2010

Pimp Esky's Ride

Back in October '09 I shared a picture of my colour-coded shelves (and thereby caused a little unrest amongst the readership, I might add), and noted a work-in-progress project sneak-peek was atop the shelves.

Holding your breath since October has resulted in a number of hospitalisations, I'm sure. For those who have since recovered to be back at their screens, still waiting, it's time I put an end to the suspense.

What?! You don't even remember what was on top of the shelves?

Here, this is what was on top of the shelves:

I got it for $2.00 at the Salvation Army in Mosgiel.

Some people might say, "That's because it's worth $2.00." (instead of, "Wow! What a bargain!")

To those people, I respond, is this worth $2.00?

Washed up and given a light lick of fresh paint from a can of the spraying variety, the newspaper is now removed from this little $2.00-ride, which now lives within the little one's reach.

Phase II of Project: Teach Esky how to make it move while she's on it.
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