Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Post Scriptum

on the Esky Update.

I forgot to mention, that when we cry "Yatta!", Esky does this:

As in,
or as I envision when she does it;

Bless you, Hiro.

This gross omission occurred to me not long after I made the Esky Update post...along with a number of other things I left out;
  • She now initiates and leads peek-a-boo - an eager participant alone, no longer! She will bob up and down at the couch edge, lift blankets and bibs to hide her face, and pop around corners and back up again to repeat. It is glorious.
  • She's an excellent cupboard- and drawer-emptier these days.
  • Because she's been eating solids for a while now, her poos are also...ah...solid. Yes, I realise I am updating you on the quality and nature of my child's bowel movements, it's come to that. Let me reach the rub! Harder stools means much, much funnier pushing faces. I cannot help but laugh each and every time the girl freezes mid-play, curls over, and exerts herself with a tightly contorted mouth, and sometimes watering eyes. Then, after a few loud exhales, it's as though an invisible lieutenant has called, "as you were," and she returns to former play-mode...unhindered by the now-present smell.
  • She's a daredevil. The girl will dive face first from your lap on the couch if she spies a toy that needs played with. We simulate safe descent (feet first, backwards), but she powers on to dive another day in spite of our efforts.
And as of yesterday, the gal has her next cold. Snottikins returns. Boy does she hate it when I wipe her nose.
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