Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sabbath Amusements XIII

  • Because I am MacGyver, I am often called into a particular Primary classroom on Sundays to solve a physical problem - a collapsible wall-come-door between two of the rooms no longer latches closed. That is, it no longer latches closed for anyone but me. I have engineered a Chitty-chitty-bang-bang-breakfast type device to keep the door closed until the work order to repair it is finally processed. was this skillset which brought me to this particular classroom again today, and made me much like a fly on the wall - only much more skillfull and less fond of poop. I overheard the classroom teacher invite Moo to say the prayer. I suspended my miracle-work and turned with folded arms to face the young boy. After addressing Heavenly Father, he then asked, "Bless us to come to church every Saturday." He then closed his prayer. Wow. Forget that he mistakenly said the wrong "S-day" of the week (or maybe not, perhaps he just thought we were in a synagogue, or living in Jesus' times) - I loved that the kid was demonstrating such a keen interest in 100% attendance...and that alone. Or maybe there was no mistake and the lad simply longs for a double dose, weekend-long primary. That must be it.
  • Today was our branch conference, and so during sacrament meeting a member of the District Presidency conducted the sustaining of offices. Basically, this means that everyone who has a leadership responsibility within the congregation is named, and members present indicate their support for that person in the given role by holding up their right hand. Esky was beside herself trying to return all the waves she was sure were all for her benefit - scrunch hand and body-twist, scrunch hand and body-twist.
An Esky-wave - back at home and post-Sunday-dress-removal.
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