Friday, March 12, 2010

Shrinkies Suckies

Glee. Utter glee is what I felt when I saw my tray of eggs had come with six free "Shrinkies." That would be six little plastic patterned sleeves for my eggs to don before going swimming with their friends in the boiling pot.

Here is one, fresh out in fancy dress.

I clapped and giggled, agreeing with the promotional description that came with the instructions, "Brighten up any lunchbox!" These sure will brighten up my dear husband's lunchbox, yes siree! Yipee.

Flash forward to Haki, come lunchtime. He happened to come home for lunch, tuckerbox in hand.

He retrieved the shrink-wrapped egg. "How do I get into it?"

I raised my eyebrows.

"I mean, how do you peel it now?" Haki continued.

Blink blink.

"But they're cute, right?" I responded.

Shrinkies: fail.

P.S. In other consumerism news, So Good soy milk packaging of late has also proven to be a hindrance. I informed Sanitarium of my concerns that their faulty carton-tops are delaying my flavoured soy milk craving from being satiated, and furthermore, proving mildly irritating. My compensatory voucher should arrive by the week's end. /sigh
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