Friday, March 5, 2010

To be Top-heavy

I saw this button on my friend Bee's blog:

...and because I was feeling hungry, I clicked it.

Turns out the button doesn't link to a recipe source. It does link to something oh-so-much cooler. Over at Cardigan Empire, Reachel defines her body type categories - "Robustly Ripe" (or strawberry) being one of them.

I'm a strawberry, fo' shizzle.

Some comments I wish to make about being a metaphorical strawberry, and being compared to food, generally (male readers - feel free to run off now):
  • My sister, Erika, is also a strawberry.
  • I learned at Christmas, in a kitchen convo with Erika, that our body type has also fondly been referred to as "The Lollipop".
  • Erika attended a Relief Society church activity where someone specialising in dressing for your body type was sharing tips. As part of the her intro-spiel, the woman began outlining the various body types for the large group of women in attendance. She came to "The Lollipop", and explained, "The Lollipop body type is when a person has a very round, full top half, and a very skinny bottom half...Erika is a lollipop." Maybe this is funnier if you understand the sort of atmosphere you can expect at such an activity. When Erika told me this, I found it hysterical. Largely because a) our body type is hard to ignore...even for women, and b) the woman speaking had no qualms about drawing attention to that fact. "Surprise, Erika!"
  • When Erika told me this story, her 2-year-old son overheard, and came to her, wide-eyed, expectant. Erika smiled, then dipped her head down towards him, rolled her lips in and shook her head - "I don't have a lollipop, Austin, I was just talking about them."
  • I know plenty of women pay a lot of money to be strawberries...and I'm sure you'll say it's a case of the have-nots wanting what they have-not...but I truly, honestly find the "ripe" part of being a strawberry to be highly inconvenient. Dirty hiders. Their hiding ability is their only saving grace.
  • How can they be bad? I'll tell you why; I'm displaying immodest cleavage unless I'm wearing a turtleneck, I have to invisibly sew up button-fronts on shirts, running is pretty much out, a support system for girls one and two is a mighty lot more expensive than a bra purchased for someone more in proportion, and breastfeeding strawberries become lower case "T's".
  • Plus - you know I'm not opposed to embracing things about myself I do like - so I don't just want what I haven't got - we've been over this people, I wouldn't trade my feet for anybody's feet. In the world.
Bee, and strawberries like us, unite! And...and...well, I'd say group hug, but that could prove very awkward. Comments may serve as support.
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