Saturday, March 27, 2010

Weekend 'Would-you-rather...?': Body Odour

I thought about coining a different name and pretending I wasn't totally copying Bart in asking this in this fashion, but let's be honest, I'm totally copying Bart.

This is really your thing Bart, for sure. I promise I'm not hijacking your circus, I just have a one-off burning question that just has to be asked of the masses. ("Masses".../snort)

So, let's think of this as more of a tribute to you, eh, and get to that question of great import? (are five links enough of a thank-you?)

...for the rest of your life, smell undeniably and potently of ONIONS or EGGS?


Everywhere you go, would you rather people thought, "They forgot to put on deodorant and they smell really, really bad" or "They just dropped their guts. I'm sure of it. Yup, the smell is definitely coming from them."?

Too much perspiration, or too many beans?

What's it to beeeee?

You cannot cover the smell. You will smell like the chosen thing, and anyone that comes within 1.5 metres of you will be 100% certain you smell exactly like that thing, thus "undeniably and potently." No loop-holes; you're a stinkster.
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