Thursday, April 1, 2010

Airy Fairy

Isn't it beeeeaUutiful?

Or is it?

This specimen goes by two names;
  1. If I'm living in the 'burbs with a tile patio, this is a "Fairy" - to be caught and wished upon, obviously.
  2. If I'm living on a 1/2 acre lifestyle section such as The Lighthouse, this is reduced to a "Weed Seed." A filthy, wiley, sneaky minx of a thistle seed - using its wispy beauty as a masquerade to prance about upon the wind and infest my grounds.
And no doubt if I return to a low-maintenance place, I'll again go with the Weed Seed's alias - because "fairies" are so much nicer...and, well, thistles are someone else's problem.

Yup, I'm just that selfish.
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