Monday, April 19, 2010

Baby Telepathy

Babies are telepathic. I'm sure of it.

Not with us. With each other.

I believe they're tuning in to a baby thought-network and synchronising their movements;

"Ready?" (Alpha baby)
"Ready!" (Chorus of babies everywhere)
"Empty the bottom kitchen drawer on my mark..." (Alpha baby)
"Can we go now? Now?" (Eager baby)
"Wait! First cast a look of mischief at your parental unit!" (Alpha baby)
"...and NOW! Mark! Mark! Mark!"
(Alpha baby)

That's right, babies unite, en masse, and empty plastics drawers everywhere, and revel long-distance with their peers at their success of a job well done. They throw food, post items in toilets, and shamelessly undress to run around naked...together.

I have seen Esky's expression change to indicate she is tuning in to receive her orders time and time again. I've also seen her giddy-face as she delivers her report.

Here's the pre-operation "Anticipation Face."
You know you've seen it.

As we train babies to talk to us, they slowly unlearn how to communicate on a higher level. We are effectively dumbing them down. And that "unlearning" that takes place is why we don't remember doing it as babies, my friends. It's a perfectly logical and believable explanation, if you ask me.
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