Monday, April 26, 2010

Coney Island Country Kitchen

When I made those silhouettes for the kitchen, Kelly commented she needed something for her "blah kitchen," which made me think of the homes we've had where the kitchen was a place I did not want to spend time. Our first apartment - which was above a place called, The Tuckerbox (I kid you not) - had a pantry for a kitchen.

Not all of them have been bad though.

And The Lighthouse does not have one of the baddies. In fact, the kitchen is my favourite room in this house. It may not be giant and American, but it's a little bit country....and a little bit Coney Island. And a whole lot of op shop finds.

Disclaimer: I am not an interior designer. I am not wealthy. I am just happy. And I am sharing my happy place. For these reasons, you will note I do not hide my cords or bibs or empty my dish-drying-rack. Or clear all those cobwebs from the outside of the kitchen window. Because this is our is, folks...complete with the table half-set for Haki's arrival home for dinner (photos taken mid-afternoon). Oh, and P.S. We rent.

  • I love the giant built-in cupboards. They open in the kitchen and the living room (on the other side of that wall), and house a bunch of things that are great to be able to grab from both sides. Like boardgames...and the phone.
  • The shelf containing much of Esky's paraphernalia (bibs and bobs), is topped with my beloved milkshake cups.
  • Here also resides the milkshake-maker I told you about way back when (op-shop). My logic is undeniable. She doesn't get as much of a workout these Haki is all healthy and losing weight and whatnot.
  • Also here: my dried Honesty (from The Lighthouse garden, and in a 50c op shop vase);
  • ...and my op shop paper towel holder.
  • You can also see where Haki sometimes sits while I chop and stir and dance. He reads or plays on his itouch usually...because I'm not so flash in the dancing department.
  • The high-chair, conservatory couch and shelf were all free gifts. We're lucky humans.
  • Op shop S&P shakers, blue vase, and wooden catch-all dish. Also, gifted ceramic dish with lid - the home for rusks for Esky.
  • Out this window you can see a) our lemon tree (heart) and b) the lawn the wild pig took a fancy to.

  • From this angle you may spy my pills jars (which made all the stuff I was popping while on IVF seem a little more pretty);
  • ...and that blasted compost bin I was telling you about. Really, I love it. It's my love for it that made me sad when it got bentified.
  • These benches and sills are all nicked and scratched. Character-making, I say!
  • Below you may spot my op shop egg basket (50c);
  • ...and my Marc Trautmann print...found in an op shop when I was 17. I'm very fond of it.
  • Over to the left is my Mark Seek pencil sketch original - an artist I showed back in my art gallery days, who kindly gifted me my favourite of his works on show.

  • My aprons (or "pinnies" as I recently heard an older person call them...bless) hang below my dear "classroom clock" - which hung proudly in each room I taught in while school-teacherin' it up. I love everything about this clock. The timer was a treat with kiddilicks - none of this, "You have 1 minute, go!" BUT REALLY MEAN 10 MINUTES business! I would have a student set the timer, and mark my words!

See, I told you it was mid-afternoon.

And that, my friends, is where I am the master of the spices...and where I sneak inordinate amounts of sweetened condensed milk.

I love living here.
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