Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Easter Funny

I just love, love, lurve this picture shared over at Color Me Katie.

Is this man...
  • being paid to wear the ears?
  • wearing a pink shirt to go with his ears? Or is that just the lighting?
  • wearing the ears for his daughter's sake?
  • completely different in personality to appearance?
  • unaware he has the ears on? And if so, how did someone get them on him without him noticing?
  • normally smiling and very much well-suited to such accessories, but when the photo was taken he just saw something horrid? And if so, what was so horrid?
  • in fact, usually known as "Bunny ear man?" He wears the ears year-round, and so his expression reflects his disgust and disappointment that on this day his ears are not so special?
My Easter was lovely.
  • My mother-in-law spoiled us rotten, because apparently she has decided Easter is a second Christmas. Among many things, I have new PJs to show for it. I am not opposed to non-food gifts over Easter.
  • I participated in presenting Kenneth Cope's Women at the Well musical fireside programme.
  • I attended a lovely Primary activity organised by sweet Kate - involving hot cross bun baking, Easter story-telling, and an egg-hunt.
  • We ate hot cross buns for brunch at home. I adore hot cross bun brunch.
  • I snuggled Esky a lot, and relished her constant company. I know I do that all the time, but it was especially lovely over Easter. Just because.
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