Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ensign Quiet Books

This little stack of clearfiles....
...once looked like this:
That is the dining room table at my MIL's house, mid-project.

Some months ago, our meetinghouse library spewed forth boxes and boxes of old and unwanted Ensigns (church magazines) from its bowels, and I was in the right place at the right time to catch all of that library-spew in my open and enthusiastic arms. /smirk

I was a tad tempted to catalogue the collection as it was and call it my own. But my project pal, Jasmine, suggested a higher calling for the rejected mass of paper; Quiet Books.

Jasmine then proceeded to make plans to sell her home and move away...and finding a time that we could both set to the task become tricky. The kind lass invited me to proceed without her.

And so, weilding a pair of mighty scissors, I whittled the stack down to 8 clearfiles of images, musical scores, favourite stories, and poetry - one clearfile for my MIL (as I conducted the surgery in her home, whilst Esky played with another attentive adult available), one for Jasmine, and (cough) six for Esky (and any future posterity I may be blessed with, *please please please*).

I sorted the folders into artwork/ photographs only for when Esky is smallest, captioned works from the covers for when she can read, and then beautiful stories and poetry for when she has more confidence and patience.

NB: I know, to some, this chop-fest may seem like sacrilege. But understand, these Ensigns were destined for the trash. They were saved! Furthermore, the issues were not dated for sequential months, but rather were a month here and there - nigh on impossible to catalogue and use effectively if they remained as they were. I would consider it much better use of my time (and more successful) to search the online library of the same. I am not suggesting the paper-copy magazines have become redundant (not at all!), but that this particular hoard, I believe, is better off repurposed - as I know the remains will be viewed and lovingly considered (and scrunched, no doubt), for years to come, and regularly. Plus, I didn't have Quiet Books! And now I do. And just in time for NZ's week-after screening of General Conference (four two-hour sessions of which Esky will be attending).
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