Sunday, April 25, 2010

Esky Approaches ONE

She'll be a 1-year-old soon.

Notes I want to squeeze in before the first birthday:
  • I intend to start rehearsing blowing out a candle this week. I'm excited.
  • I shake my head whenever she signs "more" water, whilst still sputtering from a gulp-gone-wrong; "Ack....ack...but more! MORE!" She also signs "more" while nursing...every time I look down at her (as though she's afraid I'm going to stop, or that I can turn it off with my brain).
  • Apparently, to Esky, we adult-folk sound like this when we're on the phone; "Dugadugadugaduga" (according to her mimickry).
  • She's so mobile - sliding down off the couch (backwards) on her own, pushing a little mini-pram/walker, "playing" the piano on her tiptoes, and crawling with wooden rings in each hand so that she click-clacks as she goes.
  • I'm having very mixed feelings about starting weaning for a second shot at IVF treatment. Weaning generally. Ever. Okay, not ever...but already?
  • She has chosen a spot in the living room we call her "pedestal" - she periodically climbs up the stone hearth and sits out facing us, about 12cm higher than the rest of the floor, and beams.
  • And finally, there is a small (maybe 8x8x4cm), cardboard red box in her cot that she plays with every morning for at least half an hour while we doze in and out of sleep. Box contents: four plastic bottle-tops. I put the box there as an December. I switched out the colour of the tops on her a few days ago just to mess with her mind...or not, perhaps a colour change is what she has been checking for...every morning, for 5 months.
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