Friday, April 23, 2010

Five Tidbits at 5:00

  1. Whenever the laptop sends up that little warning balloon that the battery is on its last breath and that I must "find an alternative power source immediately," I always leap up humming the Indiana Jones theme while I retrieve the cord and plug the puppy in. There's something about the sense of urgency that has undeniably linked the two in my mind.
  2. I enjoy peeling the little clear protective sticker off of cellphones, ipods, and laptop screens. If you think it's better to leave it on, or can't bring yourself to remove one such clear sheath...I will beg you to let me peel it off.
  3. I sometimes forget what I'm holding on the magical PC "clipboard" (because I'm a "Ctrl" + "C" / "V" addict)...and sometimes find myself opening up a Word document just to dump what I'm carrying out of curiosity. There's a nagging feeling I am carrying something...and its weight is directly related to its size (if I've copied lots of text = burden, an email address = back itch).
  4. Ninja's still squinty. I believe he detects my pity, and is taking advantage of me; Project:Cot-takeover has resumed. I became lax about closing our bedroom door, given his preference for the piano-music-basket of late, but I now regularly find him in Esky's cot...again. Squinty-Ninjey doesn't like to jump to piano tops. Squinty-Ninjey plays the pity card...well.
  5. I have a suggestion for Nestle. Their labels need a'changin':

Mmm...sweetened condensed milk is the new icing sugar.
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