Tuesday, April 13, 2010

General Conference (180a) Highlights for Me

This weekend past General Conference screened here, in NZ.

General Conference is a bi-annual event where we Mormon folk come together to see and hear messages broadcast from leaders of the LDS church.

Personal Highlights:
  • The dash of giddiness in the prophet's opening remarks (namely at any mention of his wife);
  • Popping Maltesers in my gob during the final session. I bought them in mini bags for divvying purposes, and then Haki ended up being absent, sick. I gave a lot away...but I also put a lot away, if you know what I mean. /nudge nudge.
  • Cuddling Esky (who slept through both afternoon sessions).
  • Having a 3-year-old girl enter and exit my pew three times to use my pen to scribble on paper I had next to me. All this without a word.
  • David A. Bednar's address (as always - he's one that I always feel an affinity with);
  • D. Todd Christofferson's retelling of William Tyndale's story - and others like him - who sacrificed so much for us to enjoy access to the scriptures we have;
  • Dieter F. Uchtdorf sharing the old Jewish legend of Simri and Abram;
  • The closing song, "Abide with Me," a capella (I know, I know, there's a whole lot of organ there for a reason, but doesn't the choir sound great without those pipes? I mean, those singers have got great pipes themselves, if you know what I mean. /nudge nudge.)
  • And Bradley D. Foster's anecdote was lovely, wasn't it? That, I will include here, in full, "to close";

My good friend Don Pearson shared an experience that highlights this influence. One night his four-year-old son asked him to read a bedtime story. Eric had picked out his favorite book: The Ballooning Adventures of Paddy Pork, a story about a family who lived on the isles of the sea and traveled from island to island by hot-air balloon. It was a picture book that had no words, so Brother Pearson made up words to the story.

“Paddy is in a hot-air balloon. He is landing on an island now. He is dropping a line over the side of the balloon.”

Eric stopped him. “Dad, that is not a line. It’s a rope.

Brother Pearson looked at Eric and back at the picture book, and then he continued: “Paddy is getting out of the balloon and climbing down the tree. Oh no! His coat is caught on a limb!”

Again Eric stopped him. “Dad, that’s not a coat. It’s a jacket.

By now Brother Pearson was somewhat perplexed. He said, “Eric, there are no words in this book, just pictures. Why do you insist that it’s a jacket?”

Eric answered, “Because Mother told me.”

His father closed the book and said, “Eric, who do you think is the last word, the ultimate authority in this house?”

This time Eric thought carefully before he answered, “You are, Dad.”

Brother Pearson beamed at his son. What an exceptional answer! “How did you know that?”

Eric quickly responded, “Mother told me.”

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