Tuesday, April 6, 2010



I find myself getting worked up every time I see a new tag. Picture furrowed brow and protruding angry lips.

On my way to do the grocery shopping last week, I saw this fellow painting over someone's unwelcome addition to this wall.

Things that make graffiti even worse:
  • When the owner of the graffitied area no longer has the same paint colour to cover up;
  • When the owner of the graffitied area deems the urgency to cover the vulgarity/profanity/insult to be greater than his/her interests to make the cover-up tidy;
  • When the graffitied area is something that was previously unpainted (e.g. a timber fence, a natural stone wall, a red brick house) - so the cover-up will always be ugly or costly;
  • That the owner of the graffitied area has to endure the ugliness of the tag, then its cover-up, and pay for it.
  • That there seems to be no long-term solution or prevention method....well, in NZ anyway.

So annoying.

One thing to be grateful for:
  • I am writing from Dunedin - where I can count the tags I see as I drive across town; where owners can cover-up faster than taggers can aerosol-vomit; where there really are fewer tags than most cities in the world.
Except Singapore. Man, I love Singapore.

Does anyone else get their fume on when they see a wall defaced? Or does anyone think, "Huh, I've become blind to it"? Or perhaps you think it's "art" (I am not talking about commissioned, consented graffiti). Or maybe you've wielded a spray can, hmmm? Because that is just like my readership, to be hooligans, right? Confessions welcome. Amnesty offered. The promise to withold disgust, not guaranteed.
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