Friday, April 9, 2010

It's a Bluffing Game

That couch-almond Haki found the other night only served to whet the man's chocolate-craving palate. Being the benevolent feminine creature I am, I kindly purchased a box of new Scorched Almonds to enjoy during a movie-night-in last night.

Haki is sick. Perhaps he believed this would invoke pity throughout the exchange I am about to describe? Wrong.

Having learned from, "The Malteser Incident," I interjected as Haki began licking his lips upon pouring the box's contents into a blanket-well in his lap, "I think we should split them in half at the beginning!"

Haki grinned as he returned a handful of the spoils into the cardboard box they'd come from.

Shaking my head, I laughed, "I also think we should count."

Calm and confident, the man replied, "How about you just choose your half first."

I took the box.

"Aaaw!" Haki protested. Do not be fooled, rookies, this is an old ploy - Haki protests so you think
he wants the one you chose in the hope that you will feel chuffed and victorious...leaving him with the better loot. Rookie I am not.

I attempted to snatch a few of his. Haki giggled like a girl (which I'm certain should have weakened his defences)...but I failed.

So I began counting. I could hear Haki's Scorched Almonds knocking around in their pile as he, too, counted.

"I've got, wait, 16," I shared, honestly.

"15!" Haki cried, pulling his head up from counting. "If you give me one, it will be even."

"I said 16."

I eyed Haki up. He seemed to be playing it straight.

I toyed with a potential donor-almond in my fingers. I wouldn't mind him having one-up.

"Let me count," I said, nodding towards the pile Haki was now guarding behind hand-walls.

Haki burst into a giggling confession, "Okay, 18!"

The score after Haki's proposed exchange; Ange=14, Haki=19. Which brings me to what I like to call, "Haki halvsies." Id est:

Haki then spread his hands and said, "I love you. You can have as many as you like."

I reached for his pile and smiled at him lovingly. Haki then clamped his hands closed to form a dome of protection and giggled again. "No!"

I mock-pouted.

He reluctantly reopened his barred hands, and I took two of his load, which would bring the apparent score at Ange=18, Haki=16 - leaving Haki looking and acting generous and me seeming pleased.

What Haki doesn't know, is that I let him act all generous, but I know perfectly well he's already popped at least two of those suckers in his mouth before any of this even took place.

Wiley minx.

And yes, to all reading and giving us a grown-up's frown of disapproval, we are that immature.
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