Saturday, April 3, 2010

Library-ing with the Trio and Esky

Presently, four days a week, I pick up three energetic and interesting kiddilicks from their school, and hang with them until their parents get home, usually at their place. Esky comes. It's good times.

I've decided one of those four days will be "Library Day" - yeeHa! This week, "Library Day" happened to coincide with a council-run event for children - "The Easter Book Hunt". Puddleduck, Roo and Moo raced around the library in search of the answers to questions they were given on slips from a less-than-enthused librarian. Chocolate was the driving force.

With answers found, the troupe was left to browse...and frolic in the children's section.

Moo: "I think I can feel the hairs on my arms growing."

Me: "Well let me see there. I'll take a picture to document it, huh?"
Moo: "Sure."

Also, I turned to see this face (Roo's)...
...shovelling icy raspberry slush into his gob.

Me: Roo, where did you get that? ...
It was just sitting there, wasn't it? ...
You found it. ...
Oh, Rooooooo.

Roo: Silent. Caught-out smile...stops shovelling.

My concerns are three-fold;
  1. Have the easter (and chocolate) festivities led to an outbreak of madness? What is a popsicle cup doing in a library?
  2. What kind of human doesn't want their popsicle cup...when it still contains popsicle?
  3. Oh, and I hope the abandonee doesn't have typhoid.
It was very sweet to see the trio taking turns sliding wooden bauble-pieces from beneath this toy, while Esky grasped after them...

It was not very sweet to see a young girl insist her mother allow her to have another woman's baby. True story. The girl was four years old, max, and she was furiously pointing at a woman with her newborn, stamping her feet, screaming, "I...want....that...BABY!!!" I kept a close eye on Esky while Miss Kidnapper-in-the-making coveted offspring. Miss K-i-t-m's mother attempted to soothe the demon-outbreak by pointing out Miss K-i-t-m has her own baby brother - she pointed to the little one in the stroller beside her. Miss K-i-t-m yelled louder, "!" (not her little brother). Seeing reason wasn't reaching the gal, the mother attempted the distraction method. Miss K-i-t-m scanned books as her mother flicked them, screeching disapproval at the sight of each cover. Mother tried a new tack, directing her (tired?) girl to toys. Miss K-i-t-m began pushing matchbox cars around on the floormat (illustrated with roads). That was, until she came across a giant roadblock. That would be Esky's tush. I hastily moved to get my daughter out of the way before she became a target for a frustration-missile...or worse, the object of the rage-machine's affection. I was too slow; "Her bum is in the waaaaaaaaay!" Once Esky was in the clear, she continued pushing the car...that was, until she looked up to see the newborn again, and then this entire paragraph's sequence of events repeated.

I would have taken a picture of her, but I was afraid she might eat me.
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