Friday, April 30, 2010

Low-level Body Awareness

This weekend's "Would you rather...?" (it's up early, you're welcome) led me to thinkin' about people who are prone to living out both of those types of scenarios. You know the ones; the people who always have food on their face? The ones that seem to have something out of place more often than not (a tag, a clip, an unzipped fly or a cowlick).

I know a couple foody-faces.

Do you?

Do you tell them they're wearing food?

I do.

My Special Situation Rules:
  • Unless the foody-face's spouse is present, then don't tell. As I believe it is the duty of the spouse to whisper the truth (or otherwise covertly communicate it) so that the foody-face may believe perhaps only the spouse noticed.
  • Pretend you do not notice the freshly-alerted foody-face's attempts to discreetly remove the food to support this notion.
  • Exception to Bullet 1 - If the foody-face is about to have a picture taken AND his/her spouse is present but has not told the foody-face...tell.
  • If it is your sister, best friend or offspring, don't tell them - remove it yourself - it's so much easier, and usually happens without a thought.
  • Using spit to aid removal in such cases is not optimal.
  • If it is your husband, you may also remove it...but only if you are alone. Removal in a public place never bringeth about good results.
  • Do not say, "Saving some for later?" It's not funny.
  • If it is your husband, and your husband is having a foody-face moment (even though he is not really a foody-face) and you are going to be home alone all night, do not tell him. It's much more fun that way.
What are your rules?

Do some contradict mine?
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