Friday, April 30, 2010

Ninja - wide-eyed once more

Ninja is squinty no more! Huzzah!

Our little feline ruffian agrees this is cause for I opened The Lighthouse door to be greeted by a dead blackbird on the front step to coincide with his eye reopening.

"Hello there, grimace-inducing carcass," I thought.

I imagined "thought bubbles" I could draw above Ninja's head as he purred and rubbed up against my legs a foot away from the crime scene.
  • "I am Ninja, hear me roar!"
  • "I thought we oughta celebrate! Did ya see? Did ya see? My eye's all open-like!"
  • "For you, my Queen" (ceremonial bow)
  • "I'm baaaaaaaaaaa-aaaaaaaack!"
  • "Those other toms said, 'Let's see him hunt after that eye-swipe, eh fellas?' I've showed them, pah, if they think they can put an end to my Ninja-ways, they've got another thing coming...a blackbird is what they've got coming."
  • "You think I caught that, don't you? I'm going to let you think that." (cat-snicker) "Stupid could he not see that window?"
  • "I didn't like the way this guy was lookin' at me." (cat nod in the direction of the accused)
I'm glad I'm not superstituous. Not so glad "carcass removal" is apparently one of my domestic duties.
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