Monday, April 5, 2010

Projected Projects' Space

I found a box of empty, matching jars at ReStore. I took away 15 of them for $3.00.

Then, when I was visiting Haki at work, I came upon this mistake:

No, the mistake is not that put on grandpa slippers instead of age- and gender-appropriate comfy-wear. No, no, that is deliberate, my friends - my Grandpa slippers will keep my Nana shoes company in their old age.

The mistake is that framed atrocity! It was never meant to be printed onto canvas and framed. It's just a shot of some pylons and gorse, not a lovely, well-kept farm. (For those who do not know, Haki works editing and printing aerial photographs - often of rural properties. This image was printed on accident, and somehow made it to the framer without anyone noticing...and then it also got past the framer without question...even though it was of pylons... and gorse. Did I mention?)

The now-covered jars now reside in my projected Projects' Space - filled with various embellishments and haberdashery (/chuckle- I sure do love every chance to use that word).

I painted over the framed printed canvas and added some chipboard, gloss-coated lettering (using Mod Podge). The paint came from the same pot I used to paint up the second-hand drop-leaf desk and shelf I decided needed a fresh look (the desk was previously a dark stain, the shelf a pine green...I hate that I don't have "befores" for those).

It's a bonus that this shot also features the beautiful quilt my sister, Erika, made our family. And childhood photos of me and Haki. Go ahead, click to enlarge and take a squiz at my sweetheart as a cherub.
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