Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I use Dictionary.com as my online reference for spelling and meaning. What do you use?

Anyway, maybe the lovely lot on the Dictionary.com team added this long ago, but I've only recently noticed their little "Did you know" widgetty-thing.

I likey.

In fact, I believe if the "Did you know" widgetty-thing on Dictionary.com could talk, it would say, "Make a quiz out of me! You know you want to!"

That's right, I've answered this unspoken call.

No, I do not approve of cheating. Yes, bragging or blushing in the comment arena is welcome. And yes, I know it is like I am playing Balderdash by myself...that is, until yoooou play! Join me!

Take the quiz! It's like FreeRice, only without the cool web design and good cause. If you're reading this in Reader, you'll need to view this at Striking Keys to make the multi-choice "selectable'...no pen and paper required!

Because I love words this much.
  1. What is 'rheum'?

  2. The gunk you find in your eye-corners in the morning.
    An enclosed, interior space in old English.
    A film or layer of visible pollen dust.
    The point or purpose of a parade.

  3. What about 'olio'?

  4. A musical piece written for a string quartet.
    The second person in a queue.
    A mixture of things.
    A large tub used for mashing grapes for wine-making.

  5. 1 followed by 45 zeros is a...

  6. septendecillion

  7. What is the meaning of 'gazump'?

  8. It's a word Dr Seuss used to rhyme with
    It is a slang term for riding a camel bareback.
    A technical term for the way icing sugar poofs in your mouth when you eat it plain.
    It is when a property price is raised right before the deal is signed - gazump! Gotcha!

And that's all she wrote...because Esky woke up.

Scores are out of 20. Because it sounds better to get 5 than 1, right?

P.S. An avocado may also be called an "alligator pear". How cool is that?
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