Monday, April 12, 2010

Squinty Ninjey

I wish I could tell you he was winkin'.

He's not.

If he is, it's a reeeeally long wink.

Ninja got scrappy with another cat and came home as "War Vet Kitteh". Poor fella.

I watched him closely to make sure his eyeball was still in there.

It is.

Haki has promised me it will heal and Ninja will be double-wide-eyed once more. If Haki is wrong, I will be deducting the funds for kitty-eye reconstruction from his golf money. Alternatively, crying.

It's moments like these that I think about making him an inside-only cat (apparently common in big cities, according to the internets)...

But then I see him do this:

(a little outdoor sun squirm)

...and then stealthily stalk a bird that's alighted on the lawn.

The beauty of living where we do is being able to have an indoor-outdoor cat.

And cat's love it.

Not having to clean a litter box is also a plus.
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