Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Translating "The 2-Second Rule"

I'm not talking about following distance while driving (although doesn't it strike everyone's keys to be tailed by someone obeying their own "millisecond rule?").

I am talking about when people cry out, "Two-second rule!" after you've dropped something on the ground, suggesting the dropped thing is still saveable. Depending on where you live and whom you associate with, it may be known as "The Five-second rule," or even "The Ten-second rule" - for the adventurous.

But the semantics of this are easily debunked; if you dropped your icecream cone in a mud puddle, the 2-second rule would not apply, now would it? If Esky drops her rusk on the our hard-wood kitchen floor, however, I'd venture at least a good 10 seconds of it sitting there is acceptable before returning it to her tiny grip.

So, I think a translation of what this rule really means is in order;
  • When I say/hear "2-second rule!" what I interpret this to mean is: "If there's no fluff, hair or visible "ick" on it, it's still good."
  • When Haki hears "2-second rule!" it apparently means: "If there's no mould or maggots on it, it's still good." Please review The Couch Food incident for more information.

What about you? Will you eat certain types of unsticky ground food if the ground isn't too dirty? What about couch food? And how many seconds are there in "the" rule in your area? Do people even say it where you live?
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