Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wardrobe Encore

Now that sounds a lot more glamorous than it really is. In fact, it's really the opposite of glamour - what I do.

A "Wardrobe Encore" might be considered a euphemism for "Repeated Outfit," and by my definition is exactly that; to wear the same exact thing two days in a row. Simple. And I'm a firm supporter of the practise.

Aside: I learned this strategy before I elevated my wardrobe efficiency to the level it reached just after Esky's birth (I began sleeping in clothes to avoid being caught out by unexpected morning guests...or afternoon guests, for that matter. Seriously. I don't do it anymore. Promise.).

Back to the Encore. I was in my Wardrobe Encore prime while I was teaching. I liked to get to school really early each morning, and for my last year in the classroom, I was also: in the middle of IVF treatment / pregnant /and/or exhausted...and still wanting to look decent.

And what made Mondays easier? That's right - a Wardrobe Encore made Mondays easier. On Sunday after church I would fold the clothes I'd worn into a little "See ya tomorrow!" pile, and upon waking Monday, I didn't have to stare with squinty morning-eyes at my clothing racks and stacks until Haki reminded me of the time. Awesome.

Then I began extending my practice to Friday-Saturday outfits.

Early rise for a garage sale? Farmers' Market? Church activity? Put on what you wore yesterday! Done.

Now, just because I don't go to work early each morning doesn't mean The Wardrobe Encore has been decommissioned - oh-hoooo no, it's only become stronger! Muaha! No longer do I see the same super-observant students five days straight! I can put something on for Wederrandsday in Dunedin city, and then Thursday visit friends in Mosgiel in the Encore. It's grand.

It's always a little embarrassing to be spotted by a friend - say in the supermarket - on an Encore day - when you weren't expected to see them again. I go with telling them frankly about the brilliance of the Wardrobe Encore concept...or no comment pertaining to the matter. I wonder if they think I'm still sleeping in my clothes?

Well, regardless of what they think, I love a good outfit repeat.

If you are reading this now, and thinking, "Getting dressed early in the morning really isn't that hard" or "I've never had a day where I've frozen up thinking about how comfortable and warm I am in my pyjamas and how I'd rather not think about changing them"...then I say to you, "You sleep in your clothes, don't you?"

Jammy jams. Gotta love 'em.

Care to try it? You know you want to make Mondays easier. Or are you all already doing it and you're Grand Masters whom I've never caught out in an Encore?

P.S. Always change your undies.

Also, Haki is going to say that I only posted the staff photo of me because I think I look good in it. He is only partially correct. I also think it helps to set the scene here. Aha! Thwarted, Honey!
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