Saturday, April 17, 2010

Weekend 'Would-you-rather...?': Fear-be-gone

permanently be relieved of your greatest fear OR transfer the ability to be rid of a single fear to a loved one?

Now, now - before you jump to play the martyr folks - giving away this special ability (to no longer harbour any existing fear at all anymore) is not necessarily the greatest service... perhaps without a fear you have now you would be of better service to those around you. Or maybe removing that obstacle would make your spouse's life richer? Say, you've married a concert pianist and you suffer from Enochlophobia (fear of crowds) - then maybe it'd be kinder to do away with your own fear. Or if you married an icecream-maker and you have an uncontrollable fear of everything cold (Cheimaphobia). It could happen.

So what's it to be, folks?

Naming of fears is optional...but oh-so-very-welcome.

P.S. Re. last week's question - I can understand the majority of you going with understanding babies' thoughts... but I was leaning towards animals, myself;
  • What if you gain access to the infant mind only to learn their thoughts were all you'd already suspected them to be - milk-milk-milk/wet-wet-wet/cold-cold-cold?
  • What if when your/a child turns 1, and this deep connection is severed, your ability to tune into cues is muted because you haven't spent that formative year learning how to read your/that child? (yes, I took the question that seriously)
  • I'm not just thinking about seagull thoughts (although Haki's comment is, as always, funny), but what about intelligent species'? Dolphins, horses, leopards. Even some dogs (I'm thinking of the dogs in UP right now, har har har). Even petting a cat - when it raises its back to meet your hand - and hearing it say, "I love it when you do that! Do it again! Do it again!" would be pretty awesome.
  • However, rodent and pest eradication would become instantly easier to plan and more difficult to execute (being reminded they were creatures with feelings would make laying traps less pleasant, yeah?). Unless of course all of the mice and rats of this world are thinking, "Let's kill 'em all! And take over the world!" Then it's self-defence, I say.
P.S. For the record, I realise that limiting the telepathy to under-1 humans would avail a heck-of-a-lot more thoughts than those listed above (bullet 1). Esky is 11 months-old, and that girl is a complex little creature already!
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