Saturday, May 29, 2010


On the phone to my sister, Mariah, receiver tucked between left shoulder and ear, chatting about things whilst ducking to check on banana cupcakes in the oven...

Me: Man, I'm really annoyed right now!
Mariah: Oh no, why?!
Me: I just realised all of the muffins are in the oven...and there's no batter left in the bowl. The batter from these muffins was really, really good, and looking at them cooking, I know they won't taste as good as the batter. There's no going back now."

Mariah laughs at me, while I slide a finger across the side of the bowl but come away with next to nothing. Accepting my lot, I begin rinsing the dishes as I talk.

Mariah: I've been meaning to talk to you about this, actually. I make those Oaty Chocolate Chip cookies without the chocolate chips a lot [we then break off into a tangent wherein I question such a practice in amazement and Mariah defends its honour, then Mariah swings us back on topic]...and you say, "Makes 24 medium-sized cookies...probably more if you don't eat as much of the dough as I do." I've made that recipe a lot, Ange. A lot. And Theo and I eat a lot of the dough. It still makes 36 cookies, Ange. And they're not small cookies. I don't understand how yours only makes 24. You would have to sit down and just eat a bowl of it to put away that much dough."
Me: Yeah.
Mariah: That's a lot of dough.
Me: Yup, that's pretty much what I do.

When I'm not making dough solely for the purpose of eating it, that is.

Just looking at that photo I'm hankering like a wild thing. /salivate
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