Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dry Bed

When I returned from the Kiddilicks, there was no automobile-sized hole in our bedroom ceiling. Go ahead, breathe a sigh of relief (or disappointment, I wouldn't blame you - it would have made for better reading).

There were still leaks, however. Four of them.

Since we lack the talent of balancing buckets atop our bed covers whilst we sleep...we decided to camp-out on our bed's mattress in the living room until the leaks were fixed.

Camp-out we did.

The next day a plumber came and applied some sealant to keep the drips at bay until the bigger problem can be mended once it's dry up there.

Read: Buckets no longer required.

Have we moved the mattress back yet?


Morning 1 - Woke up in bedroom, wet - due to leaky roof and lots of rain.
Morning 2 - Woke up dry in living room. The leaks were seen to later this day.
Morning 3 - Woke up again in living room, to this:

Leaks = gone.
Ability to command fingers and arms to drag mattress through cold hallway of house and put back onto bedframe = also gone.

Maybe later. Mmm...toasty lounge and typing from floor-bed.
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