Friday, May 14, 2010

Esky Toddles

Today we had the honour of the lovely and talented Rachel Callander coming to visit us! What a treat! She is such a darling. She also teaches me a lot through her incredible courage and optimism - what a story she's living! Oh, did I mention she's a fox? She totally is.

We yakked and yakked.

And Esky, of her own accord, stepped away from the couch and took a toddle to my spot in the middle of the living room. I then of course encouraged as many repeats of this occurence I felt Rachel could tolerate without turning into proud-mama-zilla. Good thing Rachel's a nice human.

Then Rachel the Amazing (a photographer, I might add) left us. Then photos were then taken, for posterity's sake, in the Country Coney.

Perhaps the order of those last two events should have been reversed.

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