Sunday, May 23, 2010

Five Things at 5:00

  1. Haki and I went on a date last night. He put his hand on my knee more than once...and I liked it.
  2. Last week at the Kiddilicks' place, Esky casually palmed a glass vase (with lid) from the window sill behind her and bowled it onto the bench. I saved it from hitting the floor with a two-handed diving catch. I told you I was good at those. The Kiddilicks thought so too. There was applause and talk of super hero abilities. This talk was encouraged.
  3. Tonight Haki and I had an argument we have had at least 100 times. It goes something like this; "I want her on me" / "But she's already on me" / "Yeah, and you've had her for ages" / "Please" / "Aaaa-aw" / Puppy-dog face / "Fine!" This exchange can be initiated by either party. And yes, the subject is none other than Esky, the snuggle-bug.
  4. A professor from BYU was visiting these parts for his research into Mormons and their thoughts and stories relating to IVF. Due to my open-bookness, he learned of my experience with the treatment, and I was interviewed by him and his two assistants Friday of last week. It was a lively and engaging afternoon. I welcome opportunities to talk about it, because I know when I was going through it, I sought out stories. Undergoing IVF treatment and wanting to contribute to the cyberspace I was so often plugging into (and taking from) for help was part of why I started blogging in the first place.
  5. When Rachel came visiting not so long ago, she kindly came bearing mandarins and feijoas. These gifts are long-gone. Every time I look into my fruit array, I lament the absence of feijoas. Just looking at that picture of the good ol' days...two weeks ago...causes my stomach to stir with yearning.
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