Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Five Thoughts at 5:00

  1. I can only hands-free cradle the phone between my ear and shoulder on my left side. I've tried, oh how I've tried to balance this out with some right side action, but the phone falls out every time. I keep on leftin' it though - because I will do the dishes / fold laundry / paint a picture frame while I talk. Watch me! I know someone who claims they were born with a neck that does not allow for nesting a phone at all. Therefore, I am grateful, neck krick 'n' all.
  2. I realised this week, I wear my slippers out more often than I do normal shoes.
  3. While returning our two dinner plates to the cupboard, I reflected on how many times I have used the plates at the very bottom of that plate stack. "Next to never," is the answer, next to never.
  4. Is anyone else finding the way things are going scary? By "the way things are going" I mean, ads inviting you to, "Do your grocery shopping online - have your food delivered to your door," and the existence of Second Life, 3D TVs, Facebook "farmers", and an iPhone/Touch app. that allows you throw a virtual ball of paper at a waste basket? Because it wasn't productive enough when it was real trash. Sure, I keep an online diary of my life - who am I to cry, "Impending Freaky-Surrogates-like-Apocalypse"? But I do a fair amount of living...out there, in the real world. And I feel like "they" don't want me to. They want me to make my life so darn convenient, I don't have one. I like to squeeze my own avocados, thanks. You will not be strapping me down indoors anytime soon.
  5. I think food delivered to your door is awesome if you're unable to get out and squeeze your own avies. But food being able to come to your door is an essential ingredient for my sci-fi nightmare future to work...eventually, the human behind the avatar will need to eat.
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