Monday, May 10, 2010

It could have been worse

  • I discovered one side of my nursing bra was unclicked, causing my hiders to form a very mismatched pair, if you know what I mean. It had been a long time, this way. Fortunately, this discovery was made as I looked both ways at the base of our drive-way on my way out to pick up the kiddilicks from school. It could have been worse.
  • While refueling the car, I discovered the soles of my prized nana shoes have zero grip (how wrong is that? They're nana shoes). I nearly took a dive on the station slick. I didn't. I think I pulled off the "nothing to see here" recovery very well. Thanks for asking.
  • I joined the queue of parents' and caregivers' vehicles outside the trio's school. Puddleduck and Roo arrived first. Moo joined us last, bashful. Puddleduck explained she had just seen him come mighty close to getting into another vehicle of the same make and model as ours. Don't sweat it, Moo-dog, it happens.
  • We attended a dear family's home for dinner on the day of their new baby's blessing. We enjoyed a starter course of soup, followed by scrummy salad and a tender, marinated meat...of what type we were unsure. Once Haki and I had "mmmed" our approval during our first few bites of the tucker, Craig (our host), looked to his wife, Kate, and said, "Shall we tell them now, honey?' Haki froze, and looked up. I chewed more slowly. Craig continued, "We thought to celebrate this special day we would share the placenta with you!" He was kidding. Haki was this close (/fingers held up a millimetre apart) to barfing. He didn't.
Had any near misses lately? Dived a bullet? Thought things were going to take a turn, and then found you were spared?
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