Friday, May 7, 2010

Mini Movie Reviews: Bulk Hit No 16

Iron Man 2
Keeping in mind this is a Marvel movie, I think Iron Man 2 does all that one really expects. I don't think The Avengers content is integrated well, and Downey Jnr's (deliberate) arrogance grated on me early in the film...later I loved it. Mickey Rourke is suitably disgusting. Sam Rockwell delivers a powerhouse soliloquy. All in all, it's good. I was happy when I left the theatre with my hand in Haki's.

The Bounty Hunter
Meh. Same director as Hitch? Really?

Beyond a Reasonable Doubt
Surprisingly intelligent. The younger actors performances have a few weak moments, but all in all, a fair story played out well. That story, if you haven't heard/read much, surrounds a young journalist's interests in exposing a District Attorney's wicked ways. That DA is Michael Douglas, and the young protagonist this DA is fixing evidence to slam dunk his prosecution cases. Even though Haki and I pieced together the final punchline, it was satisfying to watch it unfold. I recommend this one for those who enjoy movies like The Firm. I'm interested to see the ol' film noir original upon which this is based. Anyone else seen it?

The Time Traveller's Wife
I read the book a few years back. Like The DaVinci Code, I think this is one of the rare exceptions to the common rule; I enjoyed the film more than the book. I thought the fragmentation of the couple's relationship was easier to realise on the screen, and their intimacy was more tactfully treated (the book's pretty sexed-up). I also heart the two leads. I got a little teary, I confess. A DVD worth renting, in my opinion. Haki didn't mind this one either.

A quirky and thoughtful animated film. I liked Bolt more, but Ice Age 3 less (except Buck...Buck stands on his own). Up doesn't do as much for young'uns as it does for adults, it seems (based on the mixed company we viewed it with; there seemed a distinct lack of laughter from the children present).

Hmmm...this one's "interesting". This film deals with male friendship throughout its slow and steady narrative. Not bad, but nothing flashy either. A little raw.

I recommend skipping:
  • Six: The Mark Unleashed - The synopsis is right up my alley - a post-apocalyptic film centring on the blurred boundaries between the "marked" and "unmarked". I love this topic...but I hated this film's execution. It was just bitter Christian guilt-tripping. I wasn't surprised to see Stephen Baldwin listed, but I didn't know Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Denny) was desperate already. We didn't watch the whole movie.
  • Gone - An Australian-made film grappling after suspense, and almost grasping it...if it weren't for the potty-mouth script, I might have watched all of it. Not knowing how it ends kind of bugs me...and Google not helping answer that bugs me more!
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