Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Oh, snap!

Haki and I were returning home from the city one evening recently, and Haki was driving uphill, in a 50k zone. This stretch has a prominent, permanently affixed speed-camera mounted on the roadside.

A lowered car with tinted windows crawled up beside us in the passing lane, doing just over 50 - enough to pass us, but not enough to get a ticket.

Even though I knew I shouldn't judge a car by its mags I wagered, "He's going to speed up as soon as he's 'round the corner." Slinky Sam disappeared around the bend. We followed...and caught sight of him, suddenly afar off - as sure enough, he'd pedalled it once he'd moved out of the camera's line of sight.

Haki and I exchanged sighs. Our commiseration over being sensible folk without reward was interrupted by a flash from a large van parked a way up ahead. Slinky Sam got snapped after all. Oooooh yeah, the ol' speed camera just after the speed camera trick.

It is good...not to be road-king.

Am I the only one that glories in seeing a speedster/too-close-tailer/crazy-overtaker/careless driver get caught out?
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