Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pat-pat the Penguin!

Haki: That's a weird book, ay?
Me: Ah...not really.
Haki: But everyone in it is called, "Pat."

Let us now go to the text;
"Look! Look! A penguin! Pat-pat the Penguin!"
"Look! Look! A polar bear! Pat-pat the polar bear!"

Haki, reading such, drew his own conclusions. And somehow missed the book's title;

In this case, "Pat-pat" is a verb. A verrrrrb. I must file this incident under "Evidence that commas are, in fact, still a fundamental tool."

Esky is more than happy to demonstrate how "pat-pat" works;

Yes, I did add music so that you could not hear me reading the book to her. You're welcome.

Should we some day own a toy Penguin, I will lobby for "Pat-pat" as a name; "Pat-pat, the Penguin!"

NB: Haki is a bright spark. I mean it. He's done more linguistic study than I have...he just caught some of the words of this little book and took an entirely different meaning from them. I love the way we humans can do that!
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