Saturday, May 29, 2010

Revenge Pranks

All this talk of irritating humans has led me to cooking up some far-reaching plots to say "thanks." Inspired by the antics of one of my most comical friends, things I've considered* for Mr. Blare:
  • Sending a singing "Drive Safely" telegram to his address.
  • Putting Mr. Blare's mobile number at the base of a crudely-scrawled poster advertising "male entertainment," rolling the advertisement up, and posting it in his mailbox (and his neighbours' - in case he checks how far it's spread)...then asking 3 or 4 friends to send an enquiry relating to strippers via text message to his number.
  • Dressing Haki in a dark hoody and goalie mask and posting him at the base of Mr. Blare's driveway one night (this was wholly Fionna's suggestion - and is my favourite).

*Plans I will excecute: 0/3
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