Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Some of my rules

Now and then I will decline something, and one of my chums will respond by saying something like, "Oh, that breaks one of your rules, doesn't it?"

Then I look at them like they're crazy and say, "What are you talking about?!" (Read here: Over-the-top ignorance that friends recognise to be the equivalent of a confession. The slightest smile is the giveaway)

To which the accuser will laugh and say, "You know exactly what I mean. You and your RULES!" And they're not talking about religion. (Although there's that too.) They're talking about my self-imposed rules.

And they are right. I have them. Yes, yes I do.

Some of my "Rules":

  • Never write in pen in The Diary of Wonder. No exceptions.
  • Never wear dangley earrings with glasses.
  • Never wear full-length pants in pouring rain (3/4 pants or skirt with boots may serve as alternative go-tos).
  • Never wear lace-up running shoes with jeans.
  • Never have a utensil drawer/abyss. (Instead, have three different places utensils are sorted into in the Country Coney.)
  • Never keep toiletries on the bathroom sink or window sill.
  • Never eat junk food after 11pm. Exceptions: Christmas. Blue moons.
  • Never accept an offering of food solely because it is sweet. The food offered must be something you really, really like. (This took me years to learn.)
  • Never watch a movie downloaded for free from the internet.
  • Never put down something you could in close to the same same time put away.
  • Never wear glasses with hair down.
  • Never lay a piece of paper down willy nilly in the house. Every piece of paper has a home. (There are only 3 possible ones, really - Filing Cabinet, Recycling, Keepsakes. If the content of the paper can be written into the diary easily, such as the date from an invitation / the library books' due date, then do this, and get rid of the paper.)
  • Never have the TV on for background noise. Exceptions: Unless you have a newborn. Then you can do whatever you want.
  • Never have two things making noise when one can be turned off. If one of the noises is from a human, it doesn't count.
  • Never, EVER wear a side-part with black clothes. (This one is a perfect example of one rule that could be completely irrelevant in your little world, say, if you have blonde hair? Or you're Latina? Or you have blue eyes, perhaps? Then you probably wouldn't be told you look "Emo" in your class' picture by your entire class....when you're the teacher. That was 2007, my friends...dirty, accidental Goth-day on photo-day 2007. I dare you to review my "Wardrobe Encore" post with my 2008 class picture. You'll see I avoided such a repeat on both counts.)
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