Saturday, May 15, 2010

This Week's Afterschool Specials

Some of this week's special moments:
  • We take turns "Hiding Spidey" (a small Spiderman figurine) for the rest of the group to hunt for. Moo is into burying him in the garden.
  • Roo regularly addresses me, "Guess whaaa-at!" I guess something ludicrous. He continues, "No, I was going to say that I love Esky more than you now." This is said matter-of-factly, as though he feels it is his duty to inform me that the game has changed. I purse my lips and inform him sadly, he has misread things...I still love her the most. Bless him for feeling repeated surges of certainty that his love for my child has surpassed her own mother's. Roo's love runs deep.
  • I get to see the dogs wait for their mumma. Eagerly.
  • The kiddilicks ride in Thimba (our family car) home from school - two in the back with Esky, one in the front with me. The back-crew set to the serious task of entertaining and communicating with the cherub as soon as they are seated. Esky's latest clutch-item is "Baby Bear" (so named because he came with a book that had already named him; gypped). She often presents Baby Bear to her fellow passengers, and then signs, "Help". Her neighbour, recognising the sign, replies, "You want me to help Baby Bear?" and then proceeds to perform CPR on the tiny stuffed toy. I'm talkin' compressions with fingertips and cat's bum lips over the little bear's mouth. I chortle every time I see this in the rear-view mirror. What's an onlooker to do when a baby signs "help" whilst holding a soft toy aloft? Hmmmm?
  • Moo and I were reading a book together. We came to the page titled, "Digestion." I ran my finger over the path food takes on the simplified, cartoon diagram and gave a very rudimentary commentary (no pressure - his mother's only a scientist); "The food goes in your mouth, down your esophagus, to your stomach, through the small intestine, then the large intestine...and then out the pooper." The trio giggled at my synonym for the rectum and anus team. I welcomed giggles over saying those words aloud. I looked at them blank-faced, as though "pooper" was a perfectly normal word, and shouldn't incite such silliness. Suddenly Moo stood up, rubbed his belly and said, "It's happening to me right now!" I nodded approval, yes, digestion would be happening right now inside him. Moo clarified his meaning when he then ran to the loo to see to business. Puddleduck and Roo's giggles turned to fits.
  • We were all gathered in the lounge, playing 20 Questions. Moo was milling about, Puddleduck and Roo were up and down sitting and standing, whilst I sat nursing Esky on the couch. One round ended with a successful guess, and Puddleduck, looking to me (with Esky at the breast), pleaded, "Can I have a go next?!" Unable to resist the perfect "set", I looked back at her, down at Esky nursing, and then said, "I like you a lot, but I don't think that would be appropriate." Best part - Puddleduck was unsure if I was kidding, and explained, "No, I meant can I have a turn at 20 questions!"
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