Monday, May 3, 2010

Very merry to have found...

Holy mackerel, I find these little webisodes funny.

Maybe it's because I grew up on afternoon hyper-doses of Full House, or because I have, on more than one occasion, screwed up my face, puzzled, looking at shots of the Olsen twins' screwed-up faces. (What is that expression you two are wearing? Must even that match? And what is that ensemble, you're wearing?) Or maybe I snickered because I'm a fan of character parody.

Whatever the cause, I am a fan. A big one. A write-and-tell-the-creator-(Elaine Carroll)-I'm-a-fan-fan.

These little sketches are...
  • short (I'm talkin' just over a minute for each);
  • snappy (Tina Fey-snappy meets faux-Jessica Simpson-cluelessness);
  • spookily accurate (she does the screwed-up "smile" and mannerisms oh-so-well.); and
  • wit-central (brava on the tight script, brava!).
I saw this one first...and I'm pretty sure it's the one nearest and dearest to my heart.

Maybe it's wrong to be snide and poke fun at uber-rich celebrities that are stalked by scandal-hungry media-magoos.

If it is wrong, I don't want to be right.

Watch them all!* Follow Sister Maria's advice and "start at the very beginning," and then click "Next in Season 1" after you finish each webby-eppy. (Does that coinage even work? I want it to.)

*The two webby-eppies (see, it is working, I tell you!) with Philip Seymour Hoffman-dudey have F-bombs and rudie stuff. (My word-out to other conservative folk who wash their ears out with soap after such things.)

P.S. Don't love them as much as I? That's okay. We can still be friends. I just can't laugh with you about this. And that is sad.
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