Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wet Bed

It's not what you think.

Well, if all you think is, "Angela has a wet bed" - it is what you think. But if you've come up with an explanation, I'm guessing "it's not what you think."
Thoughts that occurred to me before the true cause was established:
  • Esky's peed. More than her nappy could contain. This is a small price to pay to have my cherub cuddle me in the bed in the mornings. Who am I kidding? All of last night. I patted her little butt. Dry...dry...dry.
  • Then I considered the possibility my waters had broken. I drowsily remembered I wasn't pregnant. Dash!
  • I slid my feet around in the wet (mildly insane, I know) to assess the size of the damp patch. I established it was more than could possibly be written-off as sleep-drool.
  • Sweat was quickly ruled out - not only for lack of logic in the isolated area...but for lack of warmth, generally.
  • I have been using rice- and wheat-bags, not hot water bottles. Did Haki opt for a hotty last night, unbeknownst to me? Nope, no sign of an abandoned, leaky rubber pouch in proximity to the damp.
  • Then I wondered if Ninja stayed inside last night and vomited on my feet. Is that why they are wet? Nope, Ninja was definitely put out. (I am not sure why this thought came to mind - it's not as though he's proven himself a feet-vomiter.)
  • Still unwilling to sit up, turn on a light and look...I thought perhaps I left a sippy cup of water too close to the bed, and it got knocked onto my covers at some point, and had leaked all over. I was sure there had been no such sippy cup.
  • Then I heard the dripping. Drip. Drip. I became certain our windows were covered in so much condensation it was running down the panes, across the sills, and forming a pool on my duvet the size of a car tyre. I scissored my leg over towards the window. Small problem - the bed was dry closer to the window.
When I opened my eyes and sat up, the next drip landed on my head.

Now there is a bucket in the middle of our bed.

And a pot on a chest of drawers.

And by the door-frame.

That's right, two more leaks have sprung in our ceiling since the first woke me (eventually), this morning.

And from what I can see of the sky's expression from my living room, he seems pretty bent on serving up more precipitation.

Status of repair: Not impending
Land-lady's explanation for status of repair: Rain prevents anyone seeing to it
Time elapsed since I last checked the bedroom: 1.5 hours
New leaks I have imagined appearing since: 4
Number of kiddilicks I have to pick up from school this afternoon: 3
Total number of leaks I have imagined by the time I return from their house tonight: 1 - the size of an automobile.
Husband's current disposition: Calm.

I love him, so.
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